Bees Algorithm Based Intelligent Backstepping Controller Tuning For Gyro System

Volume 5, Issue 3, pp 205 - 211 Publication Date: October 15, 2012


Reza Gholipour - Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Babol University of Technology, P.O. Box 47135-484, Babol, Iran.
Alireza Khosravi - Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Babol University of Technology, P.O. Box 47135-484, Babol, Iran.
Hamed Mojallali - Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Guilan, P.O. Box 3756, Rasht, Iran


In this paper, an intelligent nonlinear controller is presented by intelligent tuning of the backstepping method parameters using Bees Algorithm. The proposed controller is utilized to control of chaos of Gyro system. The backstepping method consists of parameters which could have positive values. The parameters are usually chosen optional by trial and error method. The improper selection of the parameters leads to inappropriate responses or even may lead to instability of the system. The proposed optimal backstepping controller without trial and error determines the parameters of backstepping controller automatically and intelligently by minimizing the Integral of Time multiplied Absolute Error (ITAE) and squared controller output. Finally, the efficiency of the proposed intelligent backstepping controller is illustrated by implementing the method on the Gyro chaotic system.



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