Designing A Novel Fuzzy Indicator For Predicting Rate Of Euro-dollar In International Foreign Exchange

Volume 5, Issue 4, pp 297 - 303 Publication Date: December 30, 2012


Ahmad J. Afshari - Faculty of Engineeing, shomal University, Amol, Iran.
Danial Khoonmirzaie - Faculty of Engineeing, Payame Nur University of Tehran.
Somaye Rasouli - Faculty of Engineeing, shomal University, Amol, Iran.
Ensiye Farrokhi - Faculty of Engineeing, Payame Nur University of Tehran.


Capital market contains different sectors and one of its important sectors is currency market. High turnover in this market has attracted many investors. In this article an efficient system of recognizing point of buy and sell is invented with the help of fuzzy logic. In suggested model functions of triangular and trapezoidal membership is used for defining linguistic variables which can be used for symbol of Euro - Dollar. Inventing system based on fuzzy logic is the first one of its type and its direct application in Forex indicates its efficiency in the real world which can be used in developed trading expert systems for exchange market.



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