An Analytical Approximation For Boundary Layer Flow Convection Heat And Mass Transfer Over A Flat Plate

Volume 5, Issue 4, pp 241--257 Publication Date: December 30, 2012


Hossein Aminikhah - Department of Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Guilan, P.O. Box 41335-19141, Rasht, Iran.
Ali Jamalian - Department of Applied Mathematics, School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Guilan, P.O. Box 41335-19141, Rasht, Iran.


In this article, Laplace transform and new homotopy perturbation methods are adopted to study the problem of forced convection over a horizontal flat plate analytically. The problem is a system of nonlinear ordinary differential equations which arises in boundary layer flow. The solutions approximated by the proposed method are shown to be precise as compared to the corresponding results obtained by numerical method. A high accuracy of new method is evident.



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