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Volume 18, Issue 2, 132-254
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On \((\alpha, p)\)-convex contraction and asymptotic regularity
Author(s): M. S. Khan, Y. Mahendra Singh, Georgeta Maniu, Mihai Postolache
Pages: 132--145
R-robustly measure expansive homoclinic classes are hyperbolic
Author(s): Manseob Lee
Pages: 146--153
Dynamical analysis on prey refuge in a predator-prey model with square root functional response
Author(s): Liujuan Chen, Yiqin Wang
Pages: 154--162
Multi-valued tripled fixed point results via CLR property in metric spaces with application
Author(s): Muhammad Shoaib, Muhammad Sarwar, Yongjin Li
Pages: 163--174
Solving fuzzy matrix games through a ranking value function method
Author(s): Dong Qiu, Yumei Xing, Shuqiao Chen
Pages: 175--183
Common fixed point theorems for non-self mappings of nonlinear contractive maps in convex metric spaces
Author(s): Kanayo Stella Eke, Bijan Davvaz, Jimevwo Godwin Oghonyon
Pages: 184--191
Adaptive strategies for system of fuzzy differential equation: application of arms race model
Author(s): Sankar Prasad Mondal, Najeeb Alam Khan, Oyoon Abdul Razzaq, Tapan Kumar Roy
Pages: 192--205
Fuzzy fixed point results of generalized almost F-contraction
Author(s): Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei, Jamshaid Ahmad
Pages: 206--215
Common fixed point theorems for two pairs of self-mappings in partial metric space using \(C\)-class functions on \((\psi,\varphi)\)-contractive condition
Author(s): Zead Mustafa, M. M. M. Jaradat, Arslan Ansari, Feng Gu, Hui-hui Zheng, Stojan Radenović, M. S. Bataineh
Pages: 216--231
Bitopological spaces on undirected graphs
Author(s): Khalid Abdulkalek Abdu, Adem Kilicman
Pages: 232--241
On a subclass of meromorphically starlike functions with two fixed positive coefficients
Author(s): Danyal Soybaş, Santosh Joshi, Haridas Pawar
Pages: 242--247
Bounded and sequential \(\sigma\)-approximate amenability of Banach algebras
Author(s): Mohammad Abolghasemi, Mohsen Amini Khoei
Pages: 248--254

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