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Volume 2, Issue 3, 407 - 571
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Covering Fuzzy Uniform Spaces
Author(s): Maryam Yaghoubi
Pages: 407 - 412
New Exact-analytical Solutions For The Mkdv Equation
Author(s): S. R. Mousavian, H. Jafari, C. M. Khalique , S. A. Karimi
Pages: 413 - 416
Fuzzy Path Planning In A Plane With Stationary Obstacles
Author(s): M. Zamirian, A. V. Kamyad
Pages: 417 - 424
On Generalized Fractional Flux Advection-dispersion Equation And Caputo Derivative
Author(s): A. Golbabai, K. Sayevand
Pages: 425 - 430
Coloring Fuzzy Graphs And Traffic Light Problem
Author(s): Siamak Firouzian, Mostafa Nouri Jouybari
Pages: 431 - 435
Design Novel Aqm Schemes By Using Artificial Intelligence Technologies
Author(s): S. Ghasempour, M. Hedayati, S. H. Kamali, R. Shakerian
Pages: 436 - 447
Some Normal Edge-transitive Cayley Graphs On Dihedral Groups
Author(s): A. Asghar Talebi
Pages: 448 - 452
Adjoint Operator In Fuzzy Normed Linear Spaces
Author(s): Ali Taghavi, Majid Mehdizadeh
Pages: 453 - 458
Application Of Fuzzy Optimization In Diet Formulation
Author(s): D. Darvishi Salookolayi, A. Teimouri Yansari, S. H. Nasseri
Pages: 459 - 468
Comparative Study Of Ant Colony Optimization And Particle Swarm Optimization For Grid Scheduling
Author(s): R. Shakerian, S. H. Kamali, M. Hedayati, M. Alipour
Pages: 469 - 474
On The Fuzzy Metric Spaces
Author(s): G. A. Afrouzi, S. Shakeri, S. H. Rasouli
Pages: 475 - 482
The Uniqueness Theorem For Boundary Value Problem With Aftereffect And Eigenvalue In The Boundary Condition
Author(s): A. H. Dabbaghian, S. Akbarpoor, J. Vahidi
Pages: 483 - 487

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December 21, 2015

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