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Volume 2, Issue 4, 572 - 722
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Robust Control Of Dc Motor Using Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control And Genetic Algorithm
Author(s): Mahbubeh Moghaddas, Mohamad Reza Dastranj, Nemat Changizi, Modjtaba Rouhani
Pages: 572 - 579
A Novel Algorithm For Finding Equilibrium Strategy In Two Person Zero Sum Game With Fuzzy Strategy Sets And Payoffs
Author(s): Seyyed Mohammad Reza Farshchi, Gelare Veisi, Taghi Karimi, Morteza Aghaei
Pages: 580 - 587
Closedness Of The Rang Of The Product Of Projections In Hilbert Modules
Author(s): Kamran Sharifi
Pages: 588 - 593
Evaluation Of Science And Technology Parks By Using Fuzzy Expert System
Author(s): Hamid Eslami Nosratabadi, Sanaz Pourdarab, Mohammad Abbasian
Pages: 594 - 606
On Some Geometric Properties Of The Sphere \(S^n\)
Author(s): Richard S. Lemence, Dennis T. Leyson , Marian P. Roque
Pages: 607 - 618
Using The Fuzzy Ahp Methodology In Customerâs Purchasing Decision-making Process Based On Marketing Mix 4ps
Author(s): Basirat Baygi. Mojtaba, Emam. Seyed Reza
Pages: 619 - 630
Some Remarks On Manifolds With Vanishing Bochner Tensor
Author(s): Eileen May G. Cariaga, Richard S. Lemence , Marian P. Roque
Pages: 631 - 638
Optimal Control Of Hiv Infection By Using Fuzzy Dynamical Systems
Author(s): M. Najariyan, M. H. Farahi, M. Alavian
Pages: 639 - 649
Optimal Control Of An Hiv Model
Author(s): H. R. Erfanian , M. H. Noori Skandari
Pages: 650 - 658
Robust Control Of Inverted Pendulum Using Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control Fsmc
Author(s): Mohamadreza Dastranj, Mahbubeh Moghaddas, Kazem Esmaeili Khoshmardan, Assef Zare
Pages: 659 - 666
A Numerical Algorithm For Solving Nonlinear Fuzzy Differential Equations
Author(s): M. Rostami, M. Kianpour, E. Bashardoust
Pages: 667 - 671
Application Of Adomian Decomposition Method For Solving Impulsive Differential Equations
Author(s): H. Hossainzadeh, G. A. Afrouzi , A. Yazdani
Pages: 672 - 681

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December 21, 2015

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