On some subclasses of hypergeometric functions with Djrbashian Cauchy type kernel


Joel Esteban Restrepo - Institute of Mathematics, University of Antioquia, Cl. 53 - 108, Medellin, Colombia.
Armen Jerbashian - Institute of Mathematics, University of Antioquia, Cl. 53 - 108, Medellin, Colombia.
Praveen Agarwal - Department of Mathematics, Anand International College of Engineering, Jaipur 303012, India.


In this paper, some new integral representations are proved for several weighted hypergeometric functions introduced recently in [J. E. Restrepo, A. Kılıc¸man, P. Agarwal, O. Altun, Adv. Difference Equ., 2017 (2017), 11 pages]. Besides, some new subclasses of weighted hypergeometric functions containing the Djrbashian Cauchy type kernel are introduced. The series representing the considered hypergeometric functions are convergent out of some sets of zero !-capacity, and these hypergeometric functions have finite boundary values everywhere on \(|z|=1\), out of zero \(\omega\)-capacity sets.



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