Skew cyclic displacements and decompositions of inverse matrix for an innovative structure matrix

Volume 10, Issue 8, pp 4058--4070

Publication Date: 2017-08-06


X. Jiang
K. Hong
Z. Fu


In this paper, we study mainly on a class of column upper-minus-lower (CUML) Toeplitz matrices without standard Toeplitz structure, which are `` similar'' to the Toeplitz matrices. Their (-1,-1)-cyclic displacements coincide with cyclic displacement of some standard Toeplitz matrices. We obtain the formula on representation for the inverses of CUML Toeplitz matrices in the form of sums of products of (-1, 1)-circulants and (1, -1)-circulants factor by constructing the corresponding displacement of the matrices. In addition, based on the relation between CUML Toeplitz matrices and CUML Hankel matrices, the inverse formula of CUML Hankel matrices can also be obtained.


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