Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

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Volume 10, Issue 6, 2860-3363
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Asymptotically \(\jmath\)-Lacunary statistical equivalent of order $\alpha$ for sequences of sets
Author(s): Ekrem SavaƟ
Pages: 2860--2867
Pair \((F,h)\) upper class and \((\alpha ,\mu)\)-generalized multivalued rational type contractions
Author(s): Nantaporn Chuensupantharat, Poom Kumam, Arslan Hojat Ansari, Muhammad Usman Ali
Pages: 2868--2878
Hopf bifurcation control of calcium oscillations in hepatocytes
Author(s): Quanbao Ji, Hongkun Zuo, Yi Zhou
Pages: 2879--2885
Strong and weak convergence theorems for split equilibrium problems and fixed point problems in Banach spaces
Author(s): Baohua Guo, Ping Ping, Haiqing Zhao, Yeol Je Cho
Pages: 2886--2901
On generalized convex contractions of type-2 in b-metric and 2-metric spaces
Author(s): M. S. Khan, Y. M. Singh, G. Maniu, M. Postolache
Pages: 2902--2913
Extension of the fractional derivative operator of the Riemann-Liouville
Author(s): Dumitru Baleanu, Praveen Agarwal, Rakesh K. Parmar, Maysaa M. Alqurashi, Soheil Salahshour
Pages: 2914--2924
Resolvent dynamical systems and mixed variational inequalities
Author(s): Bandar Bin-Mohsin, Muhammad Aslam Noor, Khalida Inayat Noor, Rafia Latif
Pages: 2925--2933
Optimal approximate solution theorems for Geraghty's proximal contractions in partially ordered sets via w-distances
Author(s): Chirasak Mongkolkeha, Eunyoung Kim, Yeol Je Cho
Pages: 2934--2945
Coupled best approximation theorems for discontinuous operators in partially ordered Banach spaces
Author(s): Dezhou Kong, Lishan Liu, Yonghong Wu
Pages: 2946--2956
A composite iterative algorithm for accretive and nonexpansive operators
Author(s): Hengjun Zhao
Pages: 2957--2965
Some identities for umbral calculus associated with partially degenerate Bell numbers and polynomials
Author(s): Taekyun Kim, Dae San Kim, Hyuck-In Kwon, Seog-Hoon Rim
Pages: 2966--2975
The split common fixed-point problem for demicontractive mappings and quasi-nonexpansive mappings
Author(s): Yaqin Wang, Tae-Hwa Kim, Xiaoli Fang, Huimin He
Pages: 2976--2985