Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

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Volume 10, Issue 7, 3364-4045
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Strong convergence of implicit and explicit iterations for a class of variational inequalities in Banach spaces
Author(s): Lu-Chuan Ceng, Ching-Feng Wen
Pages: 3502--3518
\(L_p\)-dual geominimal surface areas for the general \(L_p\)-intersection bodies
Author(s): Zhonghuan Shen, Yanan Li, Weidong Wang
Pages: 3519--3529
The viscosity approximation forward-backward splitting method for the implicit midpoint rule of quasi inclusion problems in Banach spaces
Author(s): Li Yang, Fuhai Zhao
Pages: 3530--3543
Twin solutions to semipositone boundary value problems for fractional differential equations with coupled integral boundary conditions
Author(s): Daliang Zhao, Yansheng Liu
Pages: 3544--3565
Some fixed point theorems for contractive mappings of integral type
Author(s): Zeqing Liu, Yuqing Wang, Shin Min Kang, Young Chel Kwun
Pages: 3566--3580
Classification of functions with trivial solutions under \(t\)-equivalence
Author(s): Yanqing Li, Donghe Pei, Dejian Huang, Ruimei Gao
Pages: 3581--3591
Existence for fractional Dirichlet boundary value problem under barrier strip conditions
Author(s): Qilin Song, Xiaooyu Dong, Zhanbing Bai, Bo Chen
Pages: 3592--3598
Stability of fixed points of set-valued mappings and strategic stability of Nash equilibria
Author(s): Shuwen Xiang, Shunyou Xia, Jihao Yang, Yanlong He, Chenwei Liu
Pages: 3599--3611
Inequalities on asymmetric \(L_p\)-harmonic radial bodies
Author(s): Zhaofeng Li, Weidong Wang
Pages: 3612--3618
On solving general split equality variational inclusion problems in Banach space
Author(s): J. Zhao, Y. S. Liang
Pages: 3619--3629
Existence of traveling wave solutions in \(m\)-dimensional delayed lattice dynamical systems with competitive quasimonotone and global interaction
Author(s): Kai Zhou
Pages: 3630--3642
Picard splitting method and Picard CG method for solving the absolute value equation
Author(s): Chang-Qing Lv, Chang-Feng Ma
Pages: 3643--3654