Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

Print: ISSN 2008-1898 Online: ISSN 2008-1901

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Volume 10, Issue 8, 4046-4551
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Fixed point theorems in modular vector spaces
Author(s): Afrah A. N. Abdou, Mohamed A. Khamsi
Pages: 4046--4057
Skew cyclic displacements and decompositions of inverse matrix for an innovative structure matrix
Author(s): Xiaoyu Jiang, Kicheon Hong, Zunwei Fu
Pages: 4058--4070
On approximate homomorphisms of ternary semigroups
Author(s): Krzysztof Ciepliński
Pages: 4071--4076
On the generalized solutions of a certain fourth order Euler equations
Author(s): Amphon Liangprom, Kamsing Nonlaopon
Pages: 4077--4084
On some common coupled fixed point results in rectangular \(b\)-metric spaces
Author(s): Feng Gu
Pages: 4085--4098
Weak convergence of an iterative algorithm for accretive operators
Author(s): Hengjun Zhao, Sun Young Cho
Pages: 4099--4108
Relaxed inertial accelerated algorithms for solving split equality feasibility problem
Author(s): Meixia Li, Xiping Kao, Haitao Che
Pages: 4109--4121
Second-order accurate numerical approximations for the fractional percolation equations
Author(s): Xiucao Yin, Lang Li, Shaomei Fang
Pages: 4122--4136
Some identities of \(\lambda\)-Daehee polynomials
Author(s): Jeong Gon Lee, Jongkyum Kwon, Gwan-Woo Jang, Lee-Chae Jang
Pages: 4137--4142
Convergence analysis of a Halpern-like iterative algorithm in Hilbert spaces
Author(s): Yunpeng Zhang, Sun Young Cho
Pages: 4143--4149
Some properties and mappings on weakly \(\nu \)-Lindelöf generalized topological spaces
Author(s): M. Abuage, A. Kılıçman
Pages: 4150--4161
Some applications with new admissibility contractions in \(b\)-metric spaces
Author(s): Ljiljana Paunović, Preeti Kaushik, Sanjay Kumar
Pages: 4162--4174