Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

Print: ISSN 2008-1898 Online: ISSN 2008-1901

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Volume 6, Issue 4, 234--311
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Existence results for impulsive neutral functional integrodifferential equation with infinite delay
Author(s): T. Gunasekar, F. Paul Samuel, M. Mallika Arjunan
Pages: 234--243
A fixed point theorem in generalized ordered metric spaces with application
Author(s): Leila Gholizadeh
Pages: 244--251
Exponential growth of solutions with \(L_p\)-norm of a nonlinear viscoelastic hyperbolic equation
Author(s): Khaled Zennir
Pages: 252--262
On double fuzzy preuniformity
Author(s): Vildan Çetkin, Halis Aygün
Pages: 263--278
Fixed point theorems for cyclic weak contractions in compact metric spaces
Author(s): Jackie Harjani, Belén López, Kishin Sadarangani
Pages: 279--284
A fixed point theorem in a lattice ordered semigroup cone valued cone metric spaces
Author(s): K. P. R. Sastry, Ch. Srinivasa Rao, A. Chandra Sekhar, M. Balaiah
Pages: 285--292
On the modular G-metric spaces and fixed point theorems
Author(s): Bahareh Azadifar, Mahnaz Maramaei, Ghadir Sadeghi
Pages: 293--304
Wavelet packet transform on \(L^p (\mathbb{R})\) spaces
Author(s): Javid Iqbal, Javid Ali
Pages: 305--311