Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

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Volume 8, Issue 1, 1-85
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Stability of derivations in fuzzy normed algebras
Author(s): Yeol Je Cho, Choonkill Park, Young-Oh Yang
Pages: 1--7
Some common coupled fixed point theorems for generalized contraction in \(b\)-metric spaces
Author(s): Nidhi Malhotra, Bindu Bansal
Pages: 8--16
Singular values and fixed points of family of generating function of Bernoullis numbers
Author(s): Mohammad Sajid
Pages: 17--22
Integrability and \(L^1\)-convergence of fuzzy trigonometric series with special fuzzy coefficients
Author(s): Sandeep Kaur, Jatinderdeep Kaur
Pages: 23--39
Applications of discriminant analysis on shear turbulence data in wavenumber domain
Author(s): Yongfang Wang, Xin Luan, Tongxing Li
Pages: 40--45
On \(\nabla^{**}\)-distance and fixed point theorems in generalized partially ordered \(D^*\)-metric spaces
Author(s): Alaa Mahmood AL. Jumaili, Xiao Song Yang
Pages: 46--54
Fuzzy fixed point theorems for multivalued fuzzy contractions in \(b\)-metric spaces
Author(s): Supak Phiangsungnoen, Poom Kumam
Pages: 55--63
Stability of an ACQ-functional equation in various matrix normed spaces
Author(s): Zhihua Wang, Prasanna K. Sahoo
Pages: 64--85