Mathematics in Natural Science (MNS)

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Mathematics in Natural Science (Math. Nat. Sci.) is an international research journal of rapid publication devoted to the publication of significant articles in all areas and sub-areas of mathematics and computer science with applications in natural sciences, engineering and technology.  Submitted papers must be correct, original, nontrivial, and well written. Badly written papers will be automatically dismissed at the discretion of the editor in chief. All manuscripts are refereed und... Read more

Volume 1, Issue 1, 1-48
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The non-linear Dodson diffusion equation: Approximate solutions and beyond with formalistic fractionalization
Author(s): Jordan Hristov
Pages: 1--17
New direction in fractional differentiation
Author(s): Abdon Atangana, Ilknur Koca
Pages: 18--25
Generalized fractional calculus of the multiindex Bessel function
Author(s): D. L. Suthar, S. D. Purohit, R. K. Parmar
Pages: 26--32
A uniqueness theorem for eigenvalue problem having special potential type
Author(s): Erdal Bas, Etibar S. Panakhov, Resat Yilmazer
Pages: 33--39
Stochastic fixed point theorems for a random Z-contraction in a complete probability measure space with application to non-linear stochastic integral equations
Author(s): Plern Saipara, Poom Kumam, Apirak Sombat, Anantachai Padcharoen, Wiyada Kumam
Pages: 40--48