Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

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Volume 10, Issue 11, 5593-6140
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Hybrid function projective synchronization in discrete dynamical networks via adaptive control
Author(s): Ghada Al-mahbashi, M. S. Md Noorani, Sakhinah Abu Bakar
Pages: 5593--5607
Anti-synchronization of fractional-order chaotic complex systems with unknown parameters via adaptive control
Author(s): Cuimei Jiang, Fangfang Zhang, Haiyong Qin, Tongxing Li
Pages: 5608--5621
The stochastic interactions between predator and prey under Markovian switching: competitive interaction between multiple prey
Author(s): Yanqing Li, Long Zhang
Pages: 5622--5645
Robustness analysis of global exponential stability in neural networks evoked by deviating argument and stochastic disturbance
Author(s): Liguang Wan, Ailong Wu, Jingru Chen
Pages: 5646--5667
Some fixed point theorems for \(\varphi\)-contractive mappings in fuzzy normed linear spaces
Author(s): Sorin Nădăban, Tudor Bînzar, Flavius Pater
Pages: 5668--5676
Study on differentiability problems of interval-valued functions
Author(s): Yu-E Bao, Jin-Jun Li , Eer-Dun Bai
Pages: 5677--5689
Fixed points of weakly compatible mappings satisfying a generalized common limit range property
Author(s): Aziz Khan, Hasib Khan, Dumitru Baleanu, Erdal Karapinar, Tahir Saeed Khan
Pages: 5690--5700
Hyers-Ulam stability of nonlinear impulsive Volterra integro-delay dynamic system on time scales
Author(s): Akbar Zada, Syed Omar Shah, Yongjin Li
Pages: 5701--5711
Viscosity regularization iterative methods and convergence analysis
Author(s): Dongfeng Li, Juan Zhao
Pages: 5712--5722
Some fixed point theorems for \(\theta\)-\(\phi\) \({C}\)-contractions
Author(s): Dingwei Zheng, Xinhe Liu, Gengrong Zhang
Pages: 5723--5733
Solvability of second-order \(m\)-point difference equation boundary value problems on infinite intervals
Author(s): Changlong Yu, Jufang Wang, Yanping Guo, Surong Miao
Pages: 5734--5743
Existence of solutions for nonlinear Caputo-Hadamard fractional differential equations via the method of upper and lower solutions
Author(s): Yunru Bai, Hua Kong
Pages: 5744--5752