Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

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Volume 9, Issue 9, 5316-5496
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Regularized gradient-projection methods for finding the minimum-norm solution of equilibrium and the constrained convex minimization problem
Author(s): Ming Tian, Hui-Fang Zhang
Pages: 5316--5331
Strong convergence results for the split common fixed point problem
Author(s): Huimin He, Sanyang Liu, Rudong Chen, Xiaoyin Wang
Pages: 5332--5343
Quadratic \(\rho\)-functional inequalities in complex matrix normed spaces
Author(s): Zhihua Wang, Choonkil Park
Pages: 5344--5352
Hyperstability of a quadratic functional equation on abelian group and inner product spaces
Author(s): Iz-iddine EL-Fassi, Gwang Hui Kim
Pages: 5353--5361
Bipolar metric spaces and some fixed point theorems
Author(s): Ali Mutlu, Utku Gürdal
Pages: 5362--5373
Some new inequalities for (k,s)-fractional integrals
Author(s): M. Aldhaifallah, M. Tomar, K. S. Nisar, S. D. Purohit
Pages: 5374--5381
The Perturbed Riemann Problem for the Chromatography System of Langmuir Isotherm with one Inert Component
Author(s): Pengpeng Ji, Chun Shen
Pages: 5382--5397
Author(s): Samirah AlZahrani, Lutfi Kalantan
Pages: 5398--5402
Youngs inequality for multivariate functions
Author(s): Zlatko Pavić
Pages: 5403--5409
Stationary distribution of stochastic nuclear spin generator systems
Author(s): Zaitang Huang
Pages: 5410--5427
Solving variational inequality and split equality common fixed-point problem without prior knowledge of operator norms
Author(s): Jing Zhao, Haili Zong, Guangxuan Liu, Hang Zhang
Pages: 5428--5440
On the intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces and the intuitionistic fuzzy normed spaces
Author(s): Xia Li, Meifang Guo, Yongfu Su
Pages: 5441--5448