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Volume 10, Issue 9, 4552-In Progress
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Global and local behavior of a class of \(\xi^{(s)}\)-QSO
Author(s): Abdelwahab Alsarayreh, Izzat Qaralleh, Muhammad Zaini Ahmad, Basma Al-Shutnawi, Saba Al-Kaseasbeh
Pages: 4834--4845
Endpoint estimates for commutators of mutilinear square function satisfying some integrable condition
Author(s): Dongxiang Chen, Anzhi Huang
Pages: 4846--4865
Fixed point results for multivalued mappings in \({\mathbf G}_{b}\)-cone metric spaces
Author(s): Abdullah Eqal Al-Mazrooei, Jamshaid Ahmad
Pages: 4866--4875
Stability control of fractional chaotic systems based on a simple Lyapunov function
Author(s): Tianzeng Li, Yu Wang, Hongmei Li
Pages: 4876--4889
A generalized forward-backward method for solving split equality quasi inclusion problems in Banach spaces
Author(s): Shih-Sen Chang, Ching-Feng Wen, Jen-Chih Yao, Jing-Qiang Zhang
Pages: 4890--4900
On cycle inequalities for convex-star bodies
Author(s): Chang-Jian Zhao, Wing-Sum Cheung
Pages: 4901--4907
A pinching theorem for statistical manifolds with Casorati curvatures
Author(s): Chul Woo Lee, Dae Won Yoon, Jae Won Lee
Pages: 4908--4914
Characterization of matrix Fourier multiwavelet frames multipliers with integer dilation factor
Author(s): Fengjuan Zhu, Yongdong Huang, Shengnan Shi, Xiao Tan, Juan Zhao
Pages: 4915--4929
Infinitely many small energy solutions for fractional coupled Schrodinger system with critical growth
Author(s): Peiluan Li, Yuan Yuan, Yuanxian Hui
Pages: 4930--4939
Multi-sensitivity, syndetical sensitivity and the asymptotic average- shadowing property for continuous semi-flows
Author(s): Risong Li, Tianxiu Lu, Yu Zhao, Hongqing Wang, Haihua Liang
Pages: 4940--4953
On subclass of meromorphic multivalent functions associated with Liu-Srivastava operator
Author(s): Saqib Hussain, Jamila Bibi, Mohsan Raza, Maslina Darus
Pages: 4954--4965
On quasi-linear equation problems involving critical and singular nonlinearities
Author(s): Yanbin Sang, Xiaorong Luo
Pages: 4966--4982

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