Impact of International Market Entry Strategy on Export Performance


Jamshid Salehi Sadaghiani - Professor of industrial management of Faculty of Management, Allame Taba Tabaee University, Iran Nabi Allah Dehghan - Assistant Professor of business management of Faculty of Management, Shahid Sattari University, Iran Kambiz Navabi Zand - Master of Business Administration, Payamnur University, Iran


With increasing levels of globalization and international competition, managers are facing ever more complex strategic decisions. Often, foremost among these are decisions relating to the choice of entry strategy in export markets. Selection of an appropriate entry strategy is a critical and indispensable component of the strategic decision a firm has to make when investing overseas. The present study has been implemented with the aim of examining the impact of entry strategy on export performance of Iranian export companies. In goals and nature of research, it is based on a Descriptive Study, and in collecting data, it is on the basis of a Survey Research. Its statistical population consists of active export companies in stock market. Based on the method of judgmental, non-probable sampling (experts’ choice), we chose 75 companies which cover 90 per cent of non-petroleum exports of the country as case study. We collected the essential data through questionnaires. To analyze the data we used statistical methods of analyzing variance and regression of multi-variables. The study results depict that the entry strategy affects the export performance of the export companies. Also, the variable share of entry strategy in anticipation and changes in export performance of the export companies is approximately 48%.