Designing and Implementing a Distributed Genetic Algorithm for Optimizing Work Modes in Wireless Sensor Network


Mehdi Eslami - Islaimic Azad University, Qeshm international branch, Qeshm, Iran. Javad Vahidi - Department of Applied Mathematics, Iran University of Science and Technology, Behshahr, Iran. Majid Askarzadeh - Islaimic Azad University, Saveh branch, Saveh, Iran.


In this paper it is tried to present a solution for optimizing energy consumption in the sensors of wireless network by using distributed genetic algorithm and solving the famous problem of graph coloration. this idea formed by modeling sensors of wireless network by the help of graph and posing the problems of graph coloration with the description of work groups in scheduling nodes in wireless sensor networks. In this way we can save energy and conduct quality services in different time and place of wireless sensor network by determining some work groups in different time and different network tree node.