Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

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Volume 8, Issue 4, 285--450
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Quadruple fixed point theorems under (varphi,psi)-contractive conditions in partially ordered G-metric spaces with mixed g-monotone property
Author(s): J. Chen, X. Huang
Pages: 285--300
Common fixed point of four self maps on dislocated metric spaces
Author(s): F. He
Pages: 301--308
Fractional differential equations with integral boundary conditions
Author(s): X. H. Wang, L. P. Wang, Q. H. Zeng
Pages: 309--314
Inequalities for the generalized trigonometric and hyperbolic functions with two parameters
Author(s): L. Yin, L. G. Huang
Pages: 315--323
A new kind of repairable system with repairman vacations
Author(s): X. Zhang, L. N. Guo
Pages: 324--333
Fixed point theorems of multi-valued decreasing operators on cones
Author(s): Y. Feng, W. Mao, G. Qu
Pages: 334--339
Bifurcation techniques for a class of boundary value problems of fractional impulsive differential equations
Author(s): Y. Liu
Pages: 340--353
Attractive points and convergence theorems of generalized hybrid mapping
Author(s): Yuchun Zheng
Pages: 354--362
Various Suzuki type theorems in b-metric spaces
Author(s): A. Latif, V. Parvaneh, P. Salimi, A. E. Al-Mazrooei
Pages: 363--377
On some new fixed point results in b-rectangular metric spaces
Author(s): H. S. Ding, V. Ozturk, S. Radenovic
Pages: 378--386
New common fixed point theorem for a family of non-self mappings in cone metric spaces
Author(s): X. J. Huang, X. X. Lu, X. Wen
Pages: 387--401
Asymptotic aspect of Jensen and Jensen type functional equations in multi-normed spaces
Author(s): Zhihua Wang
Pages: 402--411