Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

Print: ISSN 2008-1898 Online: ISSN 2008-1901

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Volume 9, Issue 12, 5900-6423
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Some integral inequalities of the Hermite--Hadamard type for log-convex functions on co-ordinates
Author(s): Yu-Mei Bai, Feng Qi
Pages: 5900--5908
Common fixed point theorems for six self-maps in \(b\)-metric spaces with nonlinear contractive conditions
Author(s): Liya Liu, Feng Gu
Pages: 5909--5930
Some new coupled fixed point theorems in ordered partial \(b\)-metric spaces
Author(s): Hedong Li, Feng Gu
Pages: 5931--5949
Coupled coincidence point results for Geraghty-type contraction by using monotone property in partially ordered \(S\)-metric spaces
Author(s): Mi Zhou, Xiao-lan Liu, Diana Dolićanin-Dekić, Boško Damjanović
Pages: 5950--5969
Hyers-Ulam stability of derivations in fuzzy Banach space
Author(s): Gang Lu, Jun Xie, Qi Liu, Yuanfeng Jin
Pages: 5970--5979
Iterative algorithms for finding minimum-norm fixed point of a finite family of nonexpansive mappings and applications
Author(s): Yuchao Tang, Chunxiang Zong
Pages: 5980--5994
3-variable Jensen \(\rho\)-functional inequalities and equations
Author(s): Gang Lu, Qi Liu, Yuanfeng Jin, Jun Xie
Pages: 5995--6003
On properties of solutions to the improved modified Boussinesq equation
Author(s): Yuzhu Wang, Yinxia Wang
Pages: 6004--6020
Frozen jacobian iterative method for solving systems of nonlinear equations application to nonlinear IVPs and BVPs
Author(s): Malik Zaka Ullah, Fayyaz Ahmad, Ali Saleh Alshomrani, A. K. Alzahrani, Metib Said Alghamdi, Shamshad Ahmad, Shahid Ahmad
Pages: 6021--6033
Brunn-Minkowski type inequalities for \(L_p\) Blaschke- Minkowski homomorphisms
Author(s): Feixiang Chen, Gangsong Leng
Pages: 6034--6040
Properties and application of smooth function germs of orbit tangent space
Author(s): Wenliang Gan, Donghe Pei, Qiang Li
Pages: 6041--6047
Positive solutions of an integral boundary value problem for singular differential equations of mixed type with \(p\)-Laplacian
Author(s): Changlong Yu, Jufang Wang, Yanping Guo
Pages: 6048--6057