Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Applications (JNSA)

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Volume 9, Issue 6, 3459-4962
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Variational approach to second--order damped Hamiltonian systems with impulsive effects
Author(s): Jian Liu, Zengqin Zhao
Pages: 3459--3472
Some Oscillatory Properties for a Class of Partial Difference Equations
Author(s): Huili Ma, Jiaofeng Wang
Pages: 3473--3478
Bifurcation analysis for a ratio-dependent predator-prey system with multiple delays
Author(s): Dingyang Lv, Wen Zhang, Yi Tang
Pages: 3479--3490
Quantum difference Langevin equation with multi-quantum numbers q-derivative nonlocal conditions
Author(s): Surang Sitho, Sorasak Laoprasittichok, Sotiris K. Ntouyas, Jessada Tariboon
Pages: 3491--3503
New multivalued fixed point results in cone b--metric spaces
Author(s): Zhe Chu, Xianjiu Huang, Xiaoyi Liu
Pages: 3504--3510
Some properties of the quasicompact-open topology on C(X)
Author(s): Deniz Tokat, ─░smail Osmano─člu
Pages: 3511--3518
Generalized k-Mittag-Leffler function and its composition with pathway integral operators
Author(s): K. S. Nisar, S. D. Purohit, M. S. Abouzaid, M. Al Qurashi, D. Baleanu
Pages: 3519--3526
Some common coupled fixed point results in two S-metric spaces and applications to integral equations
Author(s): Liya Liu, Feng Gu
Pages: 3527--3544
Analytic solution of generalized space time advection-dispersion equation with fractional Laplace operator
Author(s): Ritu Agarwal, Sonal Jain, R. P. Agarwal
Pages: 3545--3554
The stability of sextic functional equation in fuzzy modular spaces
Author(s): Kittipong Wongkum, Poom Kumam
Pages: 3555--3569
Important inequalities for preinvex functions
Author(s): Zlatko Pavic, Shanhe Wu, Vedran Novoselac
Pages: 3570--3579
Stabilization control of generalized type neural networks with piecewise constant argument
Author(s): Liguang Wan, Ailong Wu
Pages: 3580--3599